Stacy Antonel is a vocalist and songwriter unique in both her presentation and eclectic repertoire. A classical pianist from the age of seven, she didn't pursue music in university, instead getting a BA in Anthropology from UC Berkeley. It wasn't until a random move to Buenos Aires, Argentina that her music career began, when she answered a Craigslist ad searching for an American that could sing like June Carter Cash. She got the gig, and sang jingles for television ads that aired throughout Latin America. Shortly thereafter she began singing with local indie electronica band Camanchaca before returning to California. 

Back in her hometown of San Diego, she began singing with a variety of bands, everything from jazz & world music (in addition to English, she sings in French, Spanish & Portuguese) to rock, country, pop and soul. In 2013 she won Fox San Diego's televised singing series, "3 Minutes to Stardom", beating out hundreds of singers to take home the grand prize of $10,000, after which she quit her day job and fully devoted herself to a musical career. 

Stacy recently relocated to Nashville, Tennessee to pursue a career with her Americana band Ginger Cowgirl